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world. As a general rule, the "See also" section should not repeat links that appear in the article's body or its navigation boxes. There is some controversy over how many links to articles and links to lists that should be put in any article. Additionally, an overly precise list title can be less useful and can make the list difficult to find; the precise inclusion criteria for the list should be spelled out in the lead section (see below not the title. 21 :75 "Music until then had not been used very much for underscoring." 5 Steiner "pioneered the use of original composition as background scoring for films." 5 The successful scoring in Symphony of Six Million was a turning point. The Billboard Book of Number One Hits (5th.). Source Music in Motion Pictures. 16 In 1927, Steiner orchestrated and conducted Harry Tierney 's Rio Rita. erotisk film chattesider norge

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Contents Biography edit Early years (18881907) edit Max Steiner was born on May 10, 1888, in Austria-Hungary, as the only child in a wealthy business and theatrical family of Jewish heritage. Cranbury, New Jersey:.S. Guideline on when and how to use lists appropriately. When adding to a stand-alone list with links to other articles, follow the established format when adding your item, and then see if you can a link that item to an article focusing on that item's topic. An embedded list may need to be split off entirely into a list article, leaving a See template which produces: Further information: Example list In some cases, a list style may be preferable to a long sequence within a sentence. They are a complex form of list and are useful especially when more than 2 pieces of information are of interest to each list item. Wikitext Appearance ol type"a" li this /li li list /li li uses /li li letters /li li as /li li indexes /li /ol this list uses letters as indexes ol start"10" li this /li. Unheard Melodies: Narrative Film Music.


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Tom Perry Special Collections, Brigham Young University Max Steiner sound recording from The Informer, MSS 8705. 5 When the film was released, it was the longest film score ever composed, nearly three hours. Tables might be used for presenting mathematical data such as multiplication tables, comparative figures, or sporting results. When the items are sentence fragments, the list is usually preceded by introductory material and a colon. Just as a reader or editor could easily assume that the headings A, B, C would be followed by D (rather than 1903 more complex systems should be just as explicit. Steiner was criticized for using this technique too frequently. The composition consisted of 16 main themes and nearly 300 musical segments. A b c d e Cooke, Mervyn. Dodge City, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, is a good example of Steiner's handling of typical scenes of the Western genre. Prefer using full sentences, and avoid mixing sentences and fragments as items in the same list.

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When an item meets the requirements of the Verifiability policy, readers of the list can check an item's reference to see that the information comes from a reliable source. For example, a shepherd boy might play a flute along with the orchestra heard in the background or a random, wandering violinist might follow around a couple during a love scene. Use a sort key to sort alphabetically by topic. List of 1 items: Example 3, list end." Improper formatting can more than triple the length of time it takes to read the list. While these cue sheets are being made, I begin to work on themes for the different characters and scenes, but without regard to the required timing. Ford even asked his screenwriter to meet with Steiner during the writing phase to collaborate. Note : When floating images to the left of a list, use the flowlist template to prevent disrupting the indentation of the bullet-points. erotisk film chattesider norge

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